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Good Day! It's time for our weekly installment of new arrivals. In case you're unfamiliar, every week we search high and low to find the best in home décor products and fast-item pieces—all of which just hit stores—so that you can be the first of your friends to get them. After all, if you're going to buy something, why not beat everyone else to it?

For All Boho Collection:  https://decocious.com/collections/bohemian


1) Boho Throw Pillow Cover

Give your decorative pillow a bohemian twist and get this amazing Boho Throw Pillow Cover! Perfect to pull off that awesome bohemian peg for your modern style!

Product Info:

  • Technics: Woven
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: cotton
  • Size : 45cm x 45cm 17.7inch x 17.7 inch

Link here : https://decocious.com/products/boho-cover



2) Boho Decor  Wall Hanging Tapestry

Give your plain wall a bohemian look with this Boho Decor  Wall Hanging Tapestry! Simply hang it on any boring wall and make it go from 1 to an absolute perfect 10!

Product Info:

  • Material: Polyester / Cotton
  • Pattern Type: GEOMETRIC
  • Technics: HANDMADE
  • Shape: ROUND

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/boho-tapestry


3) Handmade Macrame Plant Hanging Holder

f you are looking for something simple & minimal and of great quality, these beautiful handmade plant hangers are perfect for you and for your home! 🌿 These hangers are very sturdy, super easy to install and can be hung almost anywhere in your home to add some character to a room (living room, office, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & nursery).

Ideal for foliage hanging houseplants, succulents, terrariums and herbs! 🌱 Different color and size options really allow you to customize the plant hangers to fit your needs and space. It also adds a gorgeous boho-chic element to any room, perfect for plant-lovers and creating your own indoor jungle!

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/handmade-macrame-plant-holder


4) Bohemian Geometric Blanket

Give your boring old couch an instant revamp without breaking the bank and grab this cute Bohemian Geometric Blanket! Designed for the sophisticated for an affordable price

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/bohemian-geometric-blanket


5) Macrame Wall Hanging Decor Collection

Give your plain wall an updo and hang this chic Macrame Wall Hanging Decor for an instant revamp! Intricately made with durable materials for a long lasting serve of style!

Product Info:

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Technics: Woven
  • Shape: ROUND

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/macrame-wall-hanging-decor


6) Nordic Boho Moonphase Mirror Set

Light up your living space with the Nordic Boho Moonphase Mirror Set 🌙 ✨ This Boho-inspired set features curated mirrors and crescent-shaped accents that, together, depict the different phases of the lunar cycle 

Bring the healing vibes of the moon into your space with these beautiful moon phase wall mirrors. Working with the cycles of the moon can bring profound changes to our lives. We can literally manifest our heart's true desires when we do so!

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/nordic-boho-moonphase-mirror-set


7) Boho Macrame Tassel Pendant Chandelier

Rare find — there's only few of these in stock.

Looking to add a Boho Macrame Tassel Pendant Chandelier to your home? The Macrame Tassel Pendant Chandelier is an excellent addition to any room of your home and will have the compliments rolling in from day one. The natural macrame design makes it the perfect final touch on a newly designed room

Product Information:

Technics: HANDMADE
Material: 100% COTTON
Style: Plain
Shape: Rectangle
Cleaning Type: Hand Wash
Size: 35*50cm

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/macrame-lamp


8) Ombre Macrame Large Wall Hanging


This unique and stunning piece is perfect to add both texture and color to your space. It is inspired by love and joy. Use this decorative wall hanging to add the perfect boho vibe to any gallery wall, bedroom, nursery, or living room. We believe this stunning wall hanging will improve the acoustics in the space!

Product Description:

Material: 100% COTTON
Style: Plain
Pattern: Plain Dyed
Cleaning Type: Hand Wash
Pattern: Wall Decor
Shape: Macrame Wall Hanging
Technics: HANDMADE
Pattern Type: geometric

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/macrame-fun-color-large-wall-hanging


9) Nordic Metal Candlestick


Give your living room a vintage twist and get your hands on our cool Nordic Metal Candlestick! Making every tabletop pop with style and taste!

Product Info:

  • Function: Matching Stick Candle
  • Matching Candle: Column Candle/Ball Candle
  • Material: Metal
  • Metal Type: iron
  • Size: About 25 cm / 15 cm
  • Ornaments: Desk Decor

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/nordic-metal-candlestick


10) Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging Decor


This gorgeous rainbow wall hanging is sure to brighten any wall. It would make a great gift for a baby shower or birthday. It represents a symbol of hope in these unprecedented times we are in.

Handmade from 100% pure cotton, these little macramé rainbows are a beautiful Boho touch to your little one's space.

🌈 it is a perfect decorative element for every room, especially for a baby room or children's room. 

Each rainbow will be as close to the measurements described but slight variations may occur in size and color due to being handmade with love. 

Link here: https://decocious.com/products/macrame-rainbow-wall-hanging-decor

For All Boho Collection:  https://decocious.com/collections/bohemian

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