10 Amazing Boho Decoration For Holiday Season

Boho decorating is a fun challenge. Whether you're moving into your first apartment or updating the look of a small living room, or looking to give your bedroom a refresh, you can easily give new life to your space with these simple boho makeover items.  Each of these items gave your new space a new amazing look.

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1) Handmade Boho Large Pom Pom Reverie Cotton Pillow Case Cover

This chic, unique cushions would complement any boho décor, with their soft and full pompom tassels and shabby texture features, they will quickly become your new favorite. They add such beautiful texture to any space and available in 4 neutral colors

Link here: full pompom tassels 


2)  Handmade Boho Macramé Wall Hanging Decor

A beautiful combination of elegance and bohemian style in the tapestry. This is a handcrafted macrame wall hangingwith beautiful delicate details and a gorgeous fringe. It is great for a bedroom, living area, baby nursery, workspace or anywhere where you'd like to bring some texture and interest to your walls

Link here: handcrafted macrame wall hanging


3) Bohemian Mandala Moon Dreamcatcher

Catch those wonderful snooze pictures with the help of this awesome Bohemian Mandala Moon Dreamcatcher. A super sophisticated room decor to help you get that perfect dream night sleep!

Link here: Bohemian Mandala Moon Dreamcatcher


4) Boho Macrame Tassel Pendant Chandelier

 Looking to add a Boho Macramé Tassel Pendant Chandelier to your home? The Macramé Tassel Pendant Chandelier is an excellent addition to any room of your home and will have the compliments rolling in from day one. The natural macramé design makes it the perfect final touch on a newly designed room.

Link here: Boho Macramé Tassel Pendant Chandelier


5) 3 Pieces Handmade Macrame Table Coaster for Drinks and Candle

Protect your furniture in a gorgeous bohemian style with our macrame coasters. The options for these are limitless. Look beautiful on tables for drink holders, under potted plants or candles, and in many other places in your home.They instantly spruce up any table and can be used for your drink, candle mat, pot holder, and more.

Link here: macrame coasters


6)Large macrame wall hanging art

Designed with simple laconic geometric forms this macramé piece will look great in different modern interiors concepts: bohemian, Scandinavian, rustic, contemporary and others. It will decorate your sweet home or another lovely place! With this macramé wall hanging you'll instantly add a bohemian vibe to your room an it will really warm up a space. It is great for a bedroom, living area, workspace or anywhere where you'd like to bring some texture and interest to your walls.

Link here: macramé wall hanging 


7) Retro Bohemian Hand Woven Carpet


Add a pop of fun pattern to your boring and plain floor and grab this Retro Bohemian Hand Woven Carpet! What more perfect way to show your fun and unpredictable side than with a fun decor!

Link here: Bohemian Hand Woven Carpet


8) Handmade Boho Reverie Cotton Pillow Case Cover

Blending bohemian textures with a modern-minimalist interpretation woven pillowcase. Perfect for placing it on the couch, sofa, bedroom, office, living room, party, etc, adding a touch of graceful color to your home or any other place.

 Link here: modern-minimalist interpretation woven pillowcase


9) Ombre Macrame Large Wall Hanging

This unique and stunning piece is perfect to add both texture and color to your space. It is inspired by love and joy. Use this decorative wall hanging to add the perfect boho vibe to any gallery wall, bedroom, nursery, or living room. We believe this stunning wall hanging will improve the acoustics in the space!

Link here: Ombre Macrame Large Wall Hanging


10) Handmade Nordic Macrame Wall Hanging Leaf Decor

This beautiful three leaves Macrame work is inspired by tribal objects, ethnic art, aztec decor and boho decor. It is excellent for Home Decorations and Gifting

Link here: three leaves Macrame work


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